The Mathematics of Disorder


The event will take place at the University of Bonn 4-8 October 2016. 
It is designed for young female graduate students (Master and Ph.D.) and postdocs interested in the interplay between probability and analysis, and their applications.

This event will consist in the thematic school  Young Women Academy (4-6.10.2016) with three mini-courses

 - Random matrices: Mylène Maïda (University of Lille)
 - Random Schrödinger operators: Frédéric Klopp (University of Paris 6)
 - Stochastic PDEs: Massimiliano Gubinelli (University of Bonn)

followed by the workshop Young Women in Probability and Analysis (6-8.10.2016) with lectures by:

 - Silke Rolles (TUM Munich)
 - Sandrine Péché (University of Paris 7)

This workshop will provide a platform for young female researchers to present their work. 

Female participants are invited to submit an abstract for a contributed talk or poster and apply for financial support. All participants are encouraged to remain for the whole event.

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