CIENCIA EX AEQUO, exhibition of paintings about Women in Science


Presentation, Slides, Avant garde in Science

Throughout History, women who worked in the field of Science had to overcome all sort of obstacles and difficulties to be able to study and investigate, in most cases, under deplorable conditions, receiving ridiculous wages or no wages at all. We always wonder what they would have achieved had their working conditions been different.

Ciencia EX AEQUO pays a tribute to these women who, having done a wonderful job and deserving to be acknowledged for their work, were ignored, forgotten or relegated to a less important status in favour of their male superiors, colleagues or competitors who, in many cases, did not hesitate to claim their works for themselves. In the second part of the exhibition, AVANT GARDE IN SCIENCE, the paintings pays homege to the courage of men who raised themselves above the small-mindedness by incorporating women into the world of Science

The source of inspiration of the author was the scientific theme each of these women worked on ,subjects so different as nuclear fusion, DNA or pulsars are represented on canvas together with a brief explanation about the subject and the scientist in question.

The total exhibition have two parts:

• Ciencia EX AEQUO (12 paintings)

• AVANT GARDE IN SCIENCE (12 paintings)

and they can display both together or separately

The exhibition is addressed to all sort of people of any age, and its objectives are:

· Artistic: showing the relationship between Science and Art

· Spreading: disseminating the world of Science

· Didactic: creating useful teaching graphic material and spreading the transversal nature of Science and Art

and, of course, to emphasize the role of women in Science and in life.

The exhibition has been showed in differents institutions and countries, as CERN (Geneve,Switzerland ), (IPAC11: Kuursal San Sebastian, Spain), Aquarium Finisterrae A Coruña, Universidad Comenius (Bratislava, Slovakia), University of A Coruña, University of Santiago de Compostela, University of Leoben, IGNITE....

The painting "Jocelyn Bell, Pulsars" has been given by WITS (Women in Technology and Science) and the European Parlament Office (Ireland) to the astrophysicist Jocelyn Bell Burnell