Laure Saint-Raymond, Simons lecturer


Laure Saint-Raymond gave the 2015 Simons lectures, which take place at the MIT each spring. Laure is the first woman to do this. Her topic was From particle systems to kinetic equations. Congratulations to Laure and also to MIT for having a great speaker! "The Department of Mathematics annually presents the Simons Lecture Series to celebrate the most exciting mathematical work by the very best mathematicians of our time. The format of this lecture series has evolved since its inception in 1999, and now includes two weeks of lectures - one in pure mathematics and the other in applied mathematics - given each spring". There is a portrait of Laure Saint-Raymond (in French) at the CNRS webpage. At the EWM general meeting in Barcelona in 2011, Laure Saint-Raymond had given a talk about "The sixth problem of Hilbert- a century later".