Science day for girls in Dakar


The Math Days for girls, now well established in France, will also take place in Dakar on 7 March 2015, as a Science Day for girls.

This event is a collaboration between the French association Femmes & mathématiques (Women and Mathematics), the African for Women in Mathematics Association  (AWMA) and the Association SenChix (Senegal Women in Computer Science).

This activity is organized for about 400 female students in high school or in the first years at the university,  to promote their studying in STEM.

There are different moments in the day:

- a lecture made by a woman mathematician, at the high school level,

- a demonstration of a web product, by a computer women scientist,

- a speed-job meeting session (small groups of students meet with women scientists or mathematician)

- an interactive theater show about stereotypes,

-  a practice workshop about stereotypes.


See the web site (in French) for more information

and the program of the day.