"Algebraic Combinatorixx" workshop from May 22nd to May 27th, 2011.


The Banff International Research Station hosted the "Algebraic
Combinatorixx" workshop from May 22nd to May 27th, 2011.

Algebraic combinatorics is a broad area of research with substantial
connections to representation theory, mathematical physics, algebraic
geometry, number theory, knots and links, mathematical biology,
statistical mechanics, symmetric functions, and invariant theory. The
goal of this five-day workshop was to increase and strengthen the
participation of women in algebraic combinatorics and related fields of
research. About half of the participants were early career (pre-tenure
or recently tenured) women faculty members, postdoctoral fellows, or
graduate students working in combinatorics. The workshop paired senior
and junior researchers on new research projects and had mentoring
component through evening panel discussion on aspects of academia. There
were survey lectures on the latest research developments given by
more-established researchers and shorter talks by junior faculty members
introducing their own work to the group. Roughly half the time was spent
working in smaller groups organized by research interests, where actual
research problems were discussed. The conference concluded with
reports from these groups on the problem sessions. This approach
fostered collaboration and introduced researchers to a broad range of
ideas, techniques, and experiences. The reaction to the conference by
the participants was extremely positive and a subsequent meeting is
hoped to be held in a couple of years. Testimonials can be found at