In Poland there is no regular organised  activity for female mathematicians but there have been some presentations about EWM and discussions about women’s issues. The Polish system does not rely on post-docs, so researchers don’t need to compete for a job every few years. Research positions are mostly connected to teaching obligations and there is no government help for families and working women in with children. Access to kindergartens or afternoon care in schools is very limited. This is why there are still too few women professors even though many women study mathematics and science and complete PhDs. Much change to the system is needed to  help: “with three kids at home forget about research".


The Polish Mathematical Society (PTM) supports the development of mathematical education and popularization of mathematics. There have been government supported campaigns to encourage girls to become engineers or sciencists "Dziewczyny na Politechniki!" and "Dziewczyny do Scisłych!" ("Girls as Engineers!" and "Girls go Science!”). Many women mathematicians are engaged in these activities.