The 7th General Meeting of EWM





September 4th-9th, 1995
Facultad de Ciencias Matematiacas, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain



The meeting was attended by 46 participants from 14 countries: Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Rumania, Russia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. It was particularly pleasant to see the unusually large number of young and new participants at this meeting. The main organizers were Capi Corrales Rodriganez and Raquel Mallavibarrena, both from Departamento de l'Algebra, Facultad de Ciencias Matematicas, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, who did a wonderful job.

Organizing committee

Bodil Branner (Denmark)
Rosa-Maria Miro-Roig (Spain)
Marjatta Naataanen(Finland)
Sylvie Paycha (France)
Laura Tedeschini-Lalli (Italy)
Caroline Series (England)

Mathematical Programme

The mathematical programme consisted of talks, workshops and informal discussions. There were 3 main mathematical themes:

Claire Voisin and Flora Koukiou (France)
Alice Rogers and Marjorie Batchelor (England)
Bodil Branner, Nuria Fagella (Spain)
Tan Lei (France).
Margarida Mendes Lopes (Portugal)
Mireille Martin-Deschamps (France)
Emilia Mezzetti (Italy).
  1. MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS organized by Sylvie Paycha.
  2. HOLOMORPHIC DYNAMICAL SYSTEMS organized by Caroline Series.
  3. ALGEBRAIC GEOMETRY organized by Rosa-Maria Miro-Roig.

Besides these talks there was an interdisciplinary session on MODULI SPACES organized by Sylvie Paycha, Caroline Series and Rosa-Maria Miro-Roig. Rosa-Maria Miro-Roig, Tan Lei, Sylvie Paycha and Laura Fainsilber (France) gave presentations which were followed by general discussion. SHORT TALKS were given by Valentina Golubova and Vera Pagurova (both Russia), Magdalena Jaroszewska (Poland) and Laura Fainsilber.

General discussions were held on the following themes:

  1. ``Present and future of EWM'', led by Marjatta Näätänen;
  2. ``Presentation by regional groups'', led by Laura Tedeschini-Lalli;
  3. ``Family versus career'', led by science historian Eulalia Perez Sedeno (Spain);
  4. ``Evaluation of the mathematical part of EWM95'';
  5. ``The influence of e-mail on mathematical research'', led by Sylvie Paycha and Capi Corrales.

The general assembly took place on Friday September 8. The moderator of the meeting was Marketa Novak (Sweden), assisted by Riitta Ulmanen (Finland), the secretary of EWM. The general assembly appointed a new standing committee, convenor and deputy convenor, and several committees. Sylvie Paycha is the new convenor and Capi Corrales is deputy. The new standing committee consists of : the two convenors, Polyna Agranovich (Ukraine), Valentina Barucci (Italy), Bodil Branner, Marie Demlova (Czech Republic)), Laura Fainsilber, Rosa-Maria Miro-Roig, Marjatta Naataanen (treasurer), Ragni Piene (Norway), and Caroline Series. The standing committee may choose to add another member. The international co-ordinators are Capi Corrales (west), Marketa Novak (central), Inna Berezowskaya (Russia) and Marie Demlova (east).

The Nordic group is responsible for organizing the next EWM meeting in 1997, the place has not yet been decided. Bodil Branner, Nuria Fagella and Riitta Ulmanen are responsible for the Proceedings of the Madrid meeting; Cathy Hobbs (England) and Marlen Fritzsche (Germany) are responsible for the Newsletter. Rosa-Maria Miro-Roig will lead a working group on funding. Capi Corrales, Sylvie Paycha and Laura Tedeschini-Lalli will form a working group to discuss the possibility of topic-meetings in between EWM meetings. For details about other responsibilities see the list of committees.

The membership fees (per calendar year) were kept unchanged with 3 rates (low:1 ECU, standard: 20 ECU, high: 50 ECU) The EWM application form was approved. Each regional co-ordinator will collect fees in her own currency (appropriately converted from ECU). She will transfer the money to the Finnish account once a year after deducting local expenses (for example postage).

The meeting was financially supported by Instituto de la Mujer (Spain).

Further information about EWM can be obtained from

  • the secretary of EWM: Riitta Ulmanen,
    Department of Mathematics,
    P.O.Box 4 (Yliopistonkatu 5),
    FIN - 00014 University of Helsinki, Finland;
  • from your regional co-ordinator or
  • one of the international co-ordinators or
  • in the near future on a WWW-page the address of which will be announced later.

Donations can be sent to your regional co-ordinator in her currency or to Riitta Ulmanen in Finnish Marks. Such donations should be made payable to:

Euroopan naismatemaatikot-EWM,
Postipankki, account no 800017-70245 141

The e-mail network is organized by Sarah Rees (England), contact sarah [dot] reesatnewcastle [dot] ac [dot] uk


Bodil Branner and Marketa Novak
Madrid, September 1995





The original version of these proceedings was printed at the Universitat de Barcelona, with Dep. Legal L 544 - 1996, Impreso Poblagrafic S.L. Av. Estacion s/n Pobla de Segur.

Now, the electronic version of the Proceedings can be downloaded in pdf format. Notice that it differs from the printed version essentially by the lack of pictures.

If you wish to get a copy of the printed version, please contact your regional coordinator and ask if some are still available.


from Monday, September 4, 1995 to Saturday, September 9, 1995
Universidad Complutense de Madrid