Women in Science and Education (AWSE) is an organization of women (men are accepted as members as well). Goals: self-organization of the Russian scientific community, professional and moral support for women in science and education, unification of the effort of scientists, academics, teachers and students with the aim of preservation and development of science and education in Russia.

AWSE has many conferences, mainly on mathematics, mathematical modeling, applications of mathematics in other sciences (biology, ecology, economics etc.), and teaching of these subjects at the university level, and also on outreach and interrelations of the scientific community with schools. The chair is Galina Riznichenkoriznich46atmail [dot] ru. Galina is a professor of biophysics at Moscow State University.

For some other reports on the situation of women mathematicians in Russia, see herehere and most recently here.

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Natalya Lyulko Albertovna